The Art of creating a YouTube video

Hello from our family at 4 Directions Bushcraft. We have been making YouTube videos for our channel

a little over a year now, until now not much has changed. It is our experience that you don’t need a very fancy camera or tripod and lighting system to make a good informative video. In our case I have always used my Iphone 6s plus to shoot video and take pictures of our products. It has always worked for us and simple is better for us as well because I am not very technology savvy.

You can keep the viewers attention in different ways such as using multiple cameras and camera angles. Now let me tell you this can be challenging, especially in the editing phase due to the amount of footage but it is worth it.

Here is an example of my very first YouTube video “Alice pack review” seen below. Notice first I look very nervous and I’m not using any technique to keep viewers attention.

Now take a look at this example below “Building my trappers cabin”, first you see the initial thumbnail is a costumized photo of what the video is about then while watching you notice I show multiple camera angles and limit my narration which helps in capturing viewers attention.

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