bushcraft business 008“I recently purchased a bag of premium fatwood and they weren’t joking when they called it premium. This is the best resin infused fatwood I have ever seen. The smell is amazing in these large generous pieces. Also paid a very fair price, which makes it easy to come back time and again to do business with this excellent small American business. It makes me feel great to support an honest family business which happens to put out a wonderful product. Next up – a trio of fire tinder bundles. Can’t wait!”





IMG_1182“We just received our first order from 4 Directions Bushcraft and I can tell you it is only the first of many. They are a new family-oriented startup and so far are offering many naturally sustainable items to help start and maintain a sustainable fire in even some of the most adverse conditions.


I started by ordering some ferro rods and their homemade “wax rounds“. The ferro rods are beefy! 1/2″ x 5” and not your typical rod. I have some that throw decent spark and some that throw a handful of spark. These things throw SPARK. And lots of it. Definitely the top producing ferro rod I’ve used. And the wax rounds are incredible. You can light them whole with a lighter or other flame, or, as we tried, break them open and spark them into ignition. Either way they burn hot and long (7-9 minutes in our test) and will definitely get your kindling going. Definitely on our camping supply list this summer.”


Thanks guys!

~Phill Leon

“I am not going anywhere else for my fire making, 4DB is now in all my packs… love the products, Chris is quick to reply to any and all questions, and very professional.” Intrinsic Survival reviewed 4 Directions Bushcraft5 star


“I recently ordered and received the Fall &Winter $21.00 special! Wow, Chris sure packs it in the bags! Just watched his new YouTube post about

Chaga offered at 4DB
Chaga offered at 4DB

him now selling Chaga from his friend in Canada! If you want good information and good products………..give “4 Directions Bushcraft” a good look!!!”
Thanks, Chris!!! Art Jester reviewed 4 Directions Bushcraft5 star


“Ordered two striker ferro rod combos and a pound of premium fatwood. I could smell it through the two day shipping bag. Looking forward toIMG_1398[1] using it. Excellent quality equipment.” Pete Rawls reviewed 4 Directions Bushcraft5 star





“Great products and service. I love the salves as well as the fire starting products.”bushcraft business 262Amy Lescoe-Hall reviewed 4 Directions Bushcraft5 star July 13 at 3:23pm


 “Just got an order of fatwood. I got to say this stuff is awesome. Chris knows his stuff and it’s well worth the wait for everything. Will be placing future orders for more stuff soon.”IMG_1463[1] Joseph Dale Crabtree III reviewed 4 Directions Bushcraft5 star December 27, 2015



“Wicked cool videos Chris! Insanely informative and very precise! Congrats on the new site! Good luck!”

Josh Michener reviewed 4 Directions Bushcraft5 star October 5, 2015