The Study of Primitive Skills

I am very interested in the unique skills of our ancestors and I love to revisit the methods they used in order to adapt to their environment. I stone-toolsstudy the Paleolithic and Neolithic Stone Age along with our Native American time periods to try and grasp their techniques and way of life. I am currently working on a series of YouTube videos that demonstrates a few of these ancient techniques.

Neolithic Ground Stone Axe

Ground Stone axe heads, natural cordage, hafting and friction fire methods that our ancestors used in their day to day life styles. I use only the resources and techniques that they would have used in order to replicate and experience their struggles to make life more comfortable. Be sure to to tune in and subscribe to our YouTube middle-stone-age-picchannel at so that you can also see a few of the methods our ancestors used. Our next video will cover the difficult process of hafting a stone ground axe head. Thank you.