4DB Survival Products | Quality Assurance and Testing | Fire Starting Gear

In this video we put 4DB products through a quality and assurance test before sending them out to customers. We test all of our various sizes of ferrocerium rod fire starters to make sure they are easy to use for kids and the elderly alike. We want to make sure that all age groups can use our products easily and start a fire if needed. We soak our products in water to also make sure that the ferrocerium will not break down and shred up during fire starting. Our ferrocerium is made of several different materials including Magnesium, Cerium and small amounts of iron. This combination allows them to be soft enough to through gobs of hot sparks yet hard enough to last a lifetime.
With these great qualities you can start a fire in almost any weather condition and potentially save your life if needed.
We also test our 4DB Fire Dust which is a combination of Osage Orange wood and Missouri fatwood dust. This combination allows for a fast ignition and long burn.
Our Wax Round fire starters are also a good choice in quick fire starting. We make ours from recycled news paper. These allow for a quick and convenient fire in almost any weather condition.
Our Extreme Weather fire starter is a 3 in 1 fire starter offering Missouri fatwood, Magnesium, and ferrocerium. This allows for fire starting in any weather condition. The Magnesium allows for a fast hot burn and the fatwood allows for a long lasting burn.
All of our product lanyards come with a jute twine inner strand that allows for a tender option if you are out and do not have a dry fire tender available. This is another great option and why 4DB is supreme over the rest of the fire starting products out there.

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