Mora GAW winner | Fire Tips for Extreme Weather Conditions

Congratulations to our Mora HD Knife winner.
In this video we explore starting fire in extreme weather conditions and in this case it is raining for 2 days in Missouri. We try to find dry tinder by looking under logs, processing wood and collecting wind blown dead standing tinder. By getting your fire off the ground and utilizing a great quality ferrocerium rod fire starter you can manage to make a sustainable fire. Learn the resources in your bio-region and it will make fire starting easier for you. You can also cover your fire with a shelter or put it in the side of a hill by utilizing a snake hole fire pit. We make a 1 minute shelter with our rain gear in this video but if you don’t have rain gear you can use natures foliage.

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Even in the rain and high humidity this set has no problem at all creating a huge ember. These kits are perfect for Teaching, survival, prepping and even older or disabled people due to the ease of use. These sets can produce an ember within 30-35 sec. when practiced.
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Huge Ferro Rod Sale Has Ended!

4DB would like to thank everyone for their great support of our business. Our Ferro Rod sale was the biggest and best sale thus far and we must now end the sale. Don’t worry though we will be bringing this great sale back and will have many other sales also.IMG_1400[1] We have been hearing a lot of great feed back from all of our products and we very much appreciate that. Like I’ve always said, “If it’s not good enough for my pack then I’m not going to offer it for yours.”

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Couple New Videos Up at 4DB YT

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Neolithic Ground Stone Axe
Neolithic Ground Stone Axe

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Emergency Gear Pack



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