Wax Rounds


Small, reliable and convenient fire starters with 10-15 min burn time

offered in small 4DB bags of 5 or 10.




Wax Rounds are small powerful tender that will not fail you in any condition. If you are ever in a situation where everything is soaking wet including you and you need a fire immediately, these are your go to fire starters. These small but powerful fire starters can burn for approximately 10-15 minutes each due to a reduced and recycled news paper recipe that includes beeswax. With that amount of burn time they can dry out tender, wood and you. By exposing some of the top surface area they will also catch a spark from a ferro rod. These are sold in small 3″x5″ 100% cotton bags which can be a multi-use item all in itself. These bags catch ferro rod sparks by themselves without even charring them. They can also be charred of course, used as tea bags and much much more.





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Small 5, Large 10, Buy 10 get 5 Free


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