Sassafras Root


2oz. Sassafras in small 4DB bag

Multiple orders will be placed in larger 4DB logo bag


Pure dried Sassafras Root harvested with care from our own land and sold in 2oz quantaties which is plenty for making cup after cup of soothing and cooling tea. All parts of the Sassafras plant are useful for medicinal, culinary and aromatic purposes but the roots are found to be the most powerful. Medicinally Sassafras has been used for high fevers, urinary disorders, GI problems, pain relieve, as an antiseptic and blood thinner. The root can also be chewed like bubble gum and tastes much like root beer.

Directions for tea – Break root up into smaller pieces. Steep root in hot water for 12-15 minutes or until water is amber/orange color. Do not boil, boiling will cause it to loose medicinal properties. Add sugar or drink plan, drink cold or hot tea.

Caution – Sassafras contains Safrole oil. As with all wild edibles please research and consume at your risk.


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