PH51 Fat Rope Stick with 4DB lanyard/carabiner


PH51 Fat Rope Stick with 550 tinder cord paracord lanyard and 4DB Carabiner



• Production Hanger 51 – Fat Rope Sticks are a synthetic fatwood that are convenient, reliable and easy to use. Simply shave off a little and light with a lighter or ferro rod spark.

• Waterproof, wind proof and altitude proof this firestarter is not effected by mother nature and weather.

• Skip the tinder processing phase all together and simply light all your wood up at once with this long burning, hot firestarter.

• No need to find and processes natural fatwood, with the convenience and reliability of the Wax Wood Stick you will never be without fire.

• This product does not dry out or go bad so don’t worry about packing this away in all you bug out bags or survival kits.

• Comes with red/black 550 tinder cord paracord lanyard and 4DB black carabiner for easy clipping to any bag or person. Carabiner is not rated for climbing.

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