Osage Orange Giant 1″x5″ Ferro Rod


1″x5″ giant ferrocerium rod with handcrafted Osage Orange handle, 550 deep woods paracord lanyard and 4DB carabiner


These are the biggest and best ferro rods on the market. They equal 4 of the 5″x1/2″ ferro rods put together! We handcraft beautiful Osage Orange handles on these and sink them in about 1/2″. These are all unique one-of-a-kind ferrocerium rod handles.

These will last a lifetime and deliver gobs and gobs of hot sparks. They are big enough for anyone to learn with and if you are unable to hold onto your bushcraft and survival gear you will have no problems with these.

Processing and shipping these will take a couple extra days. Thank you for your patients and understanding.


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