Fatwood Steel Striker Multi-tool


Missouri Premium Fatwood Handle High Speed Steel Striker Multi-tool

12″-13″ Total length with lanyard and carabiner


Missouri Premium Fatwood handle high speed steel striker multi-tools are convenient and reliable tool to have in your pack or bug out bag. Measuring a total length of approximately 12-13″ with a fatwood handle of 5″ and a 3″ striker.

• These are absolutely the best for striking the 4DB 5″x1/2″ ferro rods. They can also perform many other tasks such as carving, notching, processing tinder and flint knapping.

• Combined with a fatwood handle you will always have a reliable natural waterproof tinder option as well. Convenient and a reliable back up tinder source for all of your bags.

• Comes with 28″ snake braid 550 fire tinder paracord. This multipurpose paracord has an eighth inner strain of jute twine tinder that allows you to always have a tinder source with you that will easily catch a spark from the ferrocerium rod and start your fire.


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