Missouri Fatwood Handle Ferro Rods


Fatwood ferro rods are mounted on a premium fatwood handle, 550 paracord lanyard and 4DB carabiner.



Fatwood Fire Steel is a 5″x1/2″ ferrocerium rod all weather fire starter mounted on a premium branch of Misssouri fatwood handle, 550 paracord lanyard and 4directionsbushcraft.com carabiner. These are all hand crafted and have their own unique look. These are offered in two different sizes the regular size measures in at 5″ x ½” with a 5-5 1/2″ fatwood branch handle. The giant size is 5″x1″ with a 6-61/2″ fatwood branch handle. These are designed to be an all in one fire with the fatwood handle that is large enough for many fires. They are naturally water proof and reliable in all weather conditions.

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1/2" regular fatwood ferro rod, 1" giant fatwood ferro rod


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