Fatwood Ferro Rod – Striker Matching Set


Smaller 5″-5″ fatwood handle matching set Ferro rod and striker.

4DB 5″x1/2″ Ferrocerium rod and HSS 3″x3/8″ striker multi-tool


For this matching set we started by slimming down our original fatwood handle ferro rod for more of a convenient carry. We then stuck with the 4DB 5″x1/2″ Ferrocerium rod fire starter with a matching HSS Striker both mounted on a premium piece of Missouri fatwood/pine lighter. Together these two make fire making easy in any weather conditions due to their natural waterproof ability. The ferrocerium rod is a perfect combination of hard and soft metals which allows for long life and hot gobs of sparks. We have slightly shortened the fatwood handle to 5-5 1/2″ making it more convenient to carry. The HSS striker offers a multi-tool with 4 sharp 90 degree edges that will not dull easily due to their tool bit steel. We mounted it on a 4 1/2-5″ smaller diameter branch of premium fatwood for extra tinder which will always come in handy. One matching set for all your fire starting needs.


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