Elite Ferro Rod with Fat Rope Stick



4DB Elite Ferrocerium Rod Fire Starter

• Measure a whopping 7.79″ x 1/2″ giving you a totally new ferrocerium rod experience. The long body allows you to easily hold the ferrocerium rod, a longer striking distance/surface area, better efficiency and simply more sparks.

• great combination of soft (Cerium/Magnesium) and hard (Iron) so they throw gobs of hot dancing sparks and will last a lifetime for reliable fires.

• Production Hanger 51 all weather firestarter Fat Rope Stick with 28″ black/red  550 fire tinder paracord lanyard and 4DB black carabiner.

• Waterproof fire starting, not effected by altitude, reliability in all weather conditions, non-corrosive to water and air.

• 28″ of deep woods fire tinder 550 paracord with fishing line that is snake braid. This multipurpose paracord has an eighth inner strain of red jute twine tinder that is waxed and allows you to always have a tinder source with you that will easily catch a spark from the ferrocerium rod and start your fire. It also contains a fishing line strain that allows for easy access to fishing in a survival situation.

• 4DB Elite Ferro with camouflage carabiner (not rated for climbing) allows for easy and convenience of clipping to any pack, bug out bag or day rucksack.

• Includes 1 custom 4DB logo Striker!