4DB 5″x 1/2″ Ferro Rod


 5″ x 1/2″  drilled Ferrocerium Rods, 550 deep woods fire tinder paracord lanyard and 4DB camo carabiner. 4DB logo striker


The 4DB 5″x1/2″ Huge Ferrocerium Rod Fire Starter

• Huge 5″ x 1/2″ Ferrocerium Rods throw gobs of hot dancing sparks for a lifetime when struck by any 90 degree sharp angle such as knife, 4DB Osage Orange Striker or any rough edge.

• Made of a perfect mix of soft Cerium and hard iron metal (giving it the name Ferrocerium). Soft Cerium and Magnesium allows for hot 5,430 degree Fahrenheit sparks and hard iron that allows for a lifetime of reliable use and Strikes.

• Waterproof fire starting, not effected by altitude, reliability in all weather conditions, non-corrosive to water and air.

•They come with a 34″ snake braid Deep Woods 550 fire tinder paracord lanyard. with fishing line. This multipurpose paracord has an eighth inner strain of red jute twine tinder that is waxed and allows you to always have a tinder source with you that will easily catch a spark from the ferrocerium rod and start your fire. It also contains a fishing line strain that allows for easy access to fishing in a survival situation.

• Includes a 4 Directions Bushcraft camouflage carabiner (not rated for climbing). Easy and conveniently clip to any rucksack, back pack, bug out bag, emergency kit or bag, hiking and camping bag, fishing and hunting gear bags and never be without a warm fire.

• Inlcudes 1 custom 4DB logo striker!

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  1. Amy Lescoe

    From a customer: “We just received our first order from 4 Directions Bushcraft and I can tell you it is only the first of many. They are a new family-oriented startup and so far are offering many naturally sustainable items to help start and maintain a sustainable fire in even some of the most adverse conditions. I started by ordering some ferro rods and their homemade “wax rounds”. The ferro rods are beefy! 1/2″ x 5″ and not your typical rod. I have some that throw decent spark and some that throw a handful of spark. These things throw SPARK. And lots of it. Definitely the top producing ferro rod I’ve used. And the wax rounds are incredible. You can light them whole with a lighter or other flame, or, as we tried, break them open and spark them into ignition. Either way they burn hot and long (7-9 minutes in our test) and will definitely get your kindling going. Definitely on our camping supply list this summer. Thanks guys!” ~Phill Leon

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