4DB EXTREME Weather Firestarter


Pure Magnesium, Missouri Fatwood, Ferrocerium Rod

4DB EXTREME Weather Firestarter with 4DB logo striker


• 4DB EXTREME Weather Firestarter is an all-in-one firestarting tool that excels in harsh outdoor conditions. The combination of Hot burning Magnesium, globs of hot sparks from the ferrocerium rod and the natural waterproof pine resin fatwood handle allows for simple firestarting capabilities in any weather conditions mother nature can throw at you.

• Easy to use by scraping off a little of each material with a knife or sharp edge like the 4DB Osage Orange Strikers, add a hot spark from the ferrocerium rod provided and you will have a hot sustainable fire. This is literally the only firestarting tool you will ever need.

• 550 fire tinder paracord with fishing line. This multipurpose paracord has an eighth inner strain of red jute twine tinder that is waxed and allows you to always have a tinder source with you that will easily catch a spark from the ferrocerium rod and start your fire. It also contains a fishing line strain that allows for easy access to fishing in a survival situation.

• Clip to any bag and carry fire with you at all times and the security of 4DB quality firestarters.

• Includes 1 custom 4DB logo striker!


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