4DB Elite Ferro Rod Fire Starter 7.79″x1/2″ Blanks-Lot of 5


4DB Elite Ferrocerium Fire Rod 7.79″x1/2″ Blanks-Lot of 5

Product Description

4DB Elite Ferro Rod (Blanks lot of 5 ) measure a whopping 7.79″ x 1/2″ giving you a totally new ferrocerium rod experience. The long body allows you to easily hold the ferro rod, a longer striking distance, better efficiency and simply more sparks. Like our 5″ ferro rods they are the same great combination of soft and hard so they throw gobs of hot sparks and will last a lifetime as well.

Say bye to throwing your tinder in different directions while trying to light it with a smaller ferro rod. The 4DB Elite Ferro Rods allow you over 7″ of surface area to scrap from.

Perfect for DIY Handle projects or fire kits.


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