4DB 1/2″x6″ Ferro Rod Drilled Pack of 2


Pack of two Drilled 1/2″x6″ Ferrocerium rods with 4DB logo striker


4DB 1/2″x6″ Drilled Ferrocerium Ferro Rod FireStarter Pack of 2

• Measure 1/2″x6″ giving you a totally new ferrocerium rod experience. The long body allows you to easily hold the ferrocerium rod, a longer striking distance/surface area, better efficiency and simply more sparks.

• Great combination of soft (Cerium/Magnesium) and hard (Iron) so they throw gobs of hot (5,430 degree) dancing sparks and will last a lifetime for reliable fires.

• Waterproof fire starting, not effected by altitude, reliability in all weather conditions, non-corrosive to water and air.

• Say bye to throwing your tinder in different directions while trying to light it like using a smaller ferro rod.

• Come with drilled hole for easy lanyard access or do it yourself (DIY) projects, bushcraft and survival.

• Make fire starting easy when out in nature with 6 inches of high quaily 4DB Elite Ferrocerium Rod.

• 4DB logo striker included in product box


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