4DB 1/2″x3″ Keychain Ferro rod Firestarters


1/2″x3″ Keychain Ferrocerium Rod Firestarters


Pack of 2 – 4DB Ferrocerium Rod 1/2″x 3″ Flint Fire Starters EDC Keychains.

• Emergency Survival Ferrocerium rod Fire Starters burns at 5,430 degrees fahrenheit with Everyday Carry EDC Keychain Key Ring.

• 2 Feet of Waterproof Fire Tinder 550 Paracord firestarter

• Everyday carry keychain key ring 4DB quality ferrocerium firestarter rod that is a convenient 1/2″ x3″ in size

• Waterproof Fire Tinder 550 paracord with addition 8th inner strained that is a waxed waterproof fire tinder and lights easily with a spark from the ferrocerium rod.

• Now you can conveniently always have a source of fire and a waterproof tinder with you at all times on your car keys or house keys.