Primitive Skills: Shelter Building | NO TOOLS

In this video I show many different primitive technology skills to build a simple overnight shelter without the use of cordage or a knife. I simply use dead standing wood that can easily be broken using different leverage techniques. I use Muscadine grape vine to secure the tripod together so it will support the weight. Instead of using an and out weave to tie the tripod together I simply turn the middle tripod pole the opposite direction which binds it together. I use green brush for cover on the shelter. The shelter is built around a previous snake hole fire pit which allows my fire to stay out of the elements. To start my fire I use a handrill friction fire with yucca stalk, basswood hearth and cedar bark tinder. I keep the stones in the fire while I finish my shelter for about 45 minutes or so. I allow the fire to die down so I can access the stones. I procure water in a natural stone bowl using a stone boil method. You must use caution when putting stones in a fire, if they are wet they may explode and cause injury. Although the water is a little dirty it will be good to drink. It does have a little coal in the water from the stones which is good in that it will help neutralize toxins. When the water cools and most of the silt has settled at the bottom I can then drink. If I wanted I could flavor the water with pine needles or cedar as well. These would also offer nutrients such as vitamin C. I practice skills all over but here in the eastern woodlands we have many resources that can be utilized in order to thrive in nature. The shelter, water, fire and natural container supplying water only took me approximately 2 hours to acquire. If this were a survival type situation I would have plenty of time to find food as well. The raspberry close to the creek would supply a good food source but the berries have not grown yet. Remember the wild raspberry has a chalky stalk with a 3 fingered leave and plenty of thorns. Also do not eat wild foods before doing the proper research on them.

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