Primitive Cutting Tool , Bone Handle and Natural Cordage Scabbard

In this video I make a primitive cutting tool using mahogany obsidian and a bone I recently found during a long hike in the woods. I start by flint knapping the obsidian to fit the bone handle. This only takes a short time because I choose an obsidian flake that matches closely. I then grind the bone handle to shape it as well. I add a small piece of leather to fill in the gaps when I place the obsidian flake into the bone. I use white tail deer sinew that I harvested last season to secure the obsidian in place. This is flimsy at first but will dry very hard and sturdy. During the drying process I start on the natural cordage scabbard where I use basswood inner bark and red cedar bark to make. I harvested the red cedar bark in approximate 1/2″ strips down to the cambium layer so they will easily stay together during weaving. I reverse wrap the basswood inner bark to make approximately 6′ of cordage, this will take the most time and resources. I then use a simply, “under – over” braiding or weaving technique to complete a flat mat. This technique is great for making natural cordage clothing, foot wear or other gear like this sheath/scabbard. After I have a big enough mat I simply fold it over my cutting tool and braid the two ends together. I accompany it with a small piece of basswood cordage for a belt hanging loop. This project only took me a couple hours and is it very handy to have for convenience. The scabbard turned out a little long but it is okay as I can use the extra cordage at a later time if I need to.
I demonstrate the sharp edge of the obsidian blade which is unmatched as far as sharpness. It slices through leather and basswood inner bark with ease. With this tool I could easily process any wild game or complete any tasks around camp.

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