Fatwood, Drilling Ferro Rods, New 4DB Product and the Mother of all Survival Kits


This is a three in one type video where I talk about nice fatwood from my friend in NC
Brian at Cape Fear Outdoors & Survival
I start a fire and demonstrate his select pieces. It is important to follow your passions and create your business around what you love to do so I promote Brian and his wishes to make a business.

CP Kydex
Has corlaborated with 4DB and we are now offering 18″ leather strops 8-9oz with green stropping compound as well. You can purchase these for $21. at:
These are fantastic for field use and touching up the edge of your knife.

Kevin Murphy and the Mother of all Survival Kits at:
has created a fantastic survival kit that is a must have for any vehicle, bag or prepper. This thing has everything. Also Kevin is hosting the Bullseye Preppardness and Outdoor Expo June 10-11th 2017 in Pigeon Forge TN. details at:
4DB will be at the expo with all of our products.

Drilling ferro rods is not to tricky. I use a black and decker 11/64 bit. The duller the bit the more sparks and heat. You may break a ferro rod if your not careful. These bits are good for about 20-25 ferro rods then they start getting dull. I drill 4DB 5″x1/2″ with these
also I drill the 1″ giant ferro rods
be very careful when drilling ferro rods and wear eye protection.

4DB is also offering all natural tinder bracelets
These are perfect for EDC and if your ever stuck without dry tinder you will always be able to start a fire with these fatwood and hemp bracelets. We will do a video demonstrating these soon.

Thank you so very much for all of your support!
Merry Christmas

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