ATACTICAL A1 550 Lumen LED Flashlight – Affordable, Durable and Reliable

ATACTICAL A1 550 LED Flashlight on Amazon $19.99 at:

In this fantastic product review video we cover a great product that is not only affordable but also durable and reliable. I have torture tested this flashlight by sinking it in about 5 feet of water and throwing it down an embankment and this flashlight just comes back for more punishment. With that kind of durability you can count on this flashlight to always be ready for the biggest challenges you have. You can rely on it in any environment whether it be urban or woodland. At 5″ in length and 1″ in diameter it is small and light enough to clip on any belt, bag, EMS gear or weapon. It offers 5 lighting options with low at 10 lumens with run time of 5.5 days and turbo at 550 lumens and a run time of 3.3 hours. The 5th lighting mode is an SOS option for signaling. The A1 also offers a 2600 mAh micro port rechargeable ion battery for a very convenient, long lasting and powerful power source. As you see in this video the A1 is no wimp and can sustain long periods in water. These flashlights will simply save your life and you can absolutely count on their quality. For a budget price of 19.99 on the Amazon link provided above this is a must have piece of gear for everyone in your family.
I will be using it everyday as I’m a Paramedic and will be able to rely heavily on the A1’s quality, reliability and durability while saving lives.
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