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Hello and thank you for visiting 4directionsbushcraft.com,usa

We are a family owned and run business that resides in mid Missouri.  We own our own land and have been here our entire lives.  We cherish our land and respect it, therefore we are careful when we harvest our materials for the bushcraft company.  All of our premium fatwood is harvested from dead standing.  Our cedar is gathered from low hanging pieces and fallen pieces.  This type of gathering allows us to preserve our land and allow it to thrive as it has for many years.

I am blessed with a career as a Paramedic, where I work on an ambulance here in my city.  I recently have been married
and have two children.  We collectively share a passion for th
e outdoors and it is reflected in our passion for 4directionsbushcraft.com.  We stand behind our products and use them in our own camping and bushcrafting.  All of our products can be seen on our YouTube channel at “4 Directions Bushcraft as well as many other bushcraft/survival techniques in which I demonstrate.

We appreciate your support and are always open to your feed back.  If you would like to contact us, feel free with the contact information seen below.  Thank you and as always have fun out th

Chris and Tawny Deslo
Owners / 4directi