4DB Primitive Haversack Dump

This is my handmade primitive leather haversack that gifted to me by my good friend Mike Parker at:

I keep this primitive kit with me in my vehicle all the time. In this video I spontaneously dump it out because I was inspired by my hand drill friction fire on this day to go through my kit. It has been 8 long months since my right hand was seriously injured and I’ve been unable to to any primitive skills. I was successful with the hand drill which was nice but I did pay the price with a big blister just below my scar. In my primitive kit I have everything from deer bones to sinew, pine pitch to natural cordage willow bark. I show how I processed my deer hide and sinew and also how I spall my obsidian for use in making primitive arrows. All these items are great for survival, bushcrafting and self reliance. It is great to learn the skills of our ancestors.

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