4DB New Products with Sustainable Fire on Water!

In this video we start sustainable fires on top of water. This would be life saving in any survival situation.
4DB is proud to announce that we have teamed up with Production Hanger 51 and we will be offing their great fire starting products on our website above. In this short video we test both the Fat Rope and Wax Wood Stick along with the 4DB 6″x1/2″ Tactical Ferrocerium Rod in wet conditions. Then we put the firestarters to the ultimate test and start a sustainable fire directly on top of the water. These products combined are life saving and we are excited to offer them to all of you.
The Production Hanger 51 Wax Rope and Wax Sticks are a synthetic fatwood that is soft yet durable and easy to use. They will never go bad and never dry out so pack them away for long term use. Check out our links below to order.
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