4DB Ferro Rod and Striker – Designed for Ease of Use by Everyone

In this video my wife Tawny demonstrates just how easy it is to make a fire using 4DB Ferro Rod and Striker matching Osage Orange handle set

Matching Osage Orange Ferro Rod & Striker

With this unique fire kit set up anyone can start a fire from the kiddos to elderly, handicap to the inexperienced woodsman or woods woman. The striker takes minimal downward pressure as Tawny demonstrates.
With the addition to the quality of our 5″x1/2″ ferro rods https://4directionsbushcraft.com/product/huge-ferro-rods/
and our all natural Fire Dust tinder

4DB Fire Dust

starting a sustainable and reliable fire has never been easier.
You have fun out there and we will see you on the next video.

Please look for our Black Friday Sale where our 5″x1/2″ ferro rods are only $9.50 ea. and our Osage Orange HSS Strikers will only be $19. both while supplies last. Sale will end at 12am on Saturday. Thank you.

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