Primitive Skills Day Hike with Natural Shelter, Food and Water Procurement

In this video I take a day out and practice my primitive skills with gathering wild edibles such as Sassafras, Wood Sorrel and Greenbrier to name a few. I make a primitive minnow trap and capture a crawdad. These would be able to feed me if I was in a survival situation. I also find a all natural shelter within a rock overhang and a downed tree. This type of shelter did not take any time or energy to make and would keep me dry, warm and out of the wind. I was able to make a friction fire with a hand drill set and would then be able to procure water and cook food. The hand drill is Yucca stalk and basswood hearth board. For a container I boil water in an all natural container. Making a container with all natural resources is difficult and takes a lot of time. If you can find a natural container and stone boil in it that will save you time and energy. This method works when you have a smaller natural container. If your container is to large it will be harder to bring the water to a full boil. Within the Eastern woodlands there are many resource you can utilize if you know what your looking for. Even though I do bring my pack on long hikes like this I love to practice my primitive skills and use nothing out of my pack, this not only keeps me humble but allows me the confidence to know I can survive and thrive in the woods with nothing but my clothes on my back.

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